At Sea

single-channel video. 4:30 min. DV-PAL

Kristina Kvalvik. 2007

narrator: Stina Wirfelt
visual effects: Simon Möller
additional sound engineering: Ask Kæreby


Still from video


In At Sea, the voice of an unseen woman sitting at a window relays her fascination with an anonymous fisherman that she regularly watches set off to sea. Over time the woman’s fascination develops into an obsession. This obsession slowly shifts from the man to the seascape in which he sails, and she begins to anthropomorphize that seascape, imagining the waves caressing and enveloping her body. The landscape takes on a character and personality.


Excerpt from voiceover:

I noticed him the first time from my kitchen window. He was passing by in a car driving towards the harbour. I followed him as he walked towards the pier. He sailed off in a boat and then I lost sight of him.

I saw him again when I was on my way home the next day. Later when I was sitting by the window, looking at the harbour, I wondered what it was like at sea.