single-channel video installation. 15 min. HD

Kristina Kvalvik. 2013

cinematographer: Sophie Winqvist
color grading: Simon Möller
sound: Ask Kæreby
thanks to: Martine Sepstrup Jensen & Maj Hasager


1:59 min. excerpt


In Location we move through an abandoned house; a representation of a typical location in cinema, incorporating elements such as time, decay and memory. Walking through the house, we are looking for a certain image, but this gives neither answers nor dramatic climax. The protagonist exploring this place is invisible; the viewer follows their gaze through the location, which supports specific references of fiction, but without a narrative framework. The main focus is the house, where scenes can unfold.

Location consists of a film and 5 photographs, all centred around a deserted house; run down and full of other people's memories. There are traces of the former interior, which no one has taken the trouble to remove. The windows are shattered and the curtains flicker dirty and tattered. Torn wallpaper, cobwebs and plants have grown into and become a part of the house. Only the skeleton remains of a once vibrant home.

This private place is now accessible for all to enter. This safe, confined space has been opened and with time nature has slowly taken over. In this way the house represents a contradiction between a safe space where we can hide and rest and an uninvited intrusion from nature. Location is an examination of staged rooms, which underline moods and narration in film. Here, the story is removed and the focus is set simply on the search for the perfect location.


5 photographs. 45 x 80 cm

Installation shots: Location. BABEL Gallery. Trondheim. Norway. 2013

Photo: Dag-Arve Forbergskog


Location is supported by The Danish Arts Council.