Looking at

single-channel video. 4:30 min. DV - PAL

Kristina Kvalvik. 2008

narrator: Patrik Karlson


Still from video


Looking at tells the story of a man who observes and moves through a fictional universe. Over the duration of a car trip the protagonist is placed in various roles; not only in the context of his own desire watching his neighbour, but also through his own sense of being watched by someone else. Throughout the course of the film the man appears both passive and active in these roles.


Excerpt from voiceover:

It was one of those days. I could not manage to do anything else other than just drive around, randomly following where other cars would take me.

After a while, I opened the window and threw out my cigarette. The wind was blowing in my hair. There were few cars passing by. I looked straight ahead at the road. White lines were disappearing underneath my car. I looked, then confirmed, and then looked again.