The City

single-channel video. 5:30 min. HD

Kristina Kvalvik. 2006

narrator: Maria Thörnqvist


Still from video


The City features a voice-over of an unseen woman relaying an inner monologue. She sits alone in a café, observing passers-by on the street. Her thoughts describe feelings of alienation and fantasy. The video's image is stationary, presenting an elevated point-of-view, from what appears to be the fourth floor of a building, on a city street at midday. Whilst we hear the female character lose control, the image grows darker and darker.


Excerpt from voiceover:

I was in the middle of a deep thought, when I suddenly was distracted by a funny feeling. I turned my head towards the street. After a while, I saw him. He was walking towards the cafe where I was sitting. It was as if his gaze remained fixed on me. When he reached the end of the road, he crossed the street and stopped in front of my table. I looked up at him and asked him what he thought of the city. He looked down at me and said it was enveloping him.