single-channel video. 4 min. 16 mm transferred to video

Kristina Kvalvik. 2007

narrator: Nadia Mazzoni


Still from video


In Tree a woman describes her daily routine as we follow her through the streets in her search for a quiet and calm place in the midst of a busy city. We see a shot of a tree on a small hilltop, the branches are blown softly by the wind and we can sense a slight trembling of the tripod.


Excerpt from voiceover:

As I was leaving the building, I was overcome by the strangest sensation. I could not put it into words, but it was a haunting feeling. I closed my eyes and thought about where I wanted to go. I had a longing for a special place or to meet a certain person.

I could not describe that place nor did I know what I was looking for, but I had this certainty that if I just kept walking I would find it.