3 screen-channel video installation. 9 min. HD

Kristina Kvalvik. 2018

sound: Pål H. Lillevold




Installation shots: Uplands. Bærum Kunsthall. NO. 2018


In the video installation Uplands, three different, transient landscape images are juxtaposed with each other to form an imaginary, ever-shifting terrain. The project explores the Arctic landscape and envisages a future dystopian universe. The tundra itself is a completely flat area without trees, and the footprints you make will endure for centuries. Little can survive in this highland, where distance, scale, and perspective dissolve. What is life like in this immensity, and who can live there?

In this rhythmic video installation, where we see traces of human existence, we perceive a mysticism and poetry. The soundtrack by Pål H. Lillevold combines fictive landscape noises with an intermittently melodic undertone. The soundscape is heavy and hypnotic, like feeling your heart beating while inhaling and exhaling. The pictures seem almost corporeal: you catch a glimpse of faces in the mountainside; nature gets a personality. And when these pictures begin to vibrate, viewers get the sense that something is about to happen.


Uplands is supported by Bildende Kunstneres Hjelpefond and Atelier Nord.